Online Reviews

Improve your venues
reputation on autopilot

Automatically ask your guests to leave a review after they visit your venue for the first time

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Manage all of your reviews from one dashboard

We automatically sync with your review pages every day, giving you a bird's-eye view of your online reputation from one dashboard. Track new positive reviews and communicate with deflected reviews all in one place.

More reviews, on autopilot

Use Interactions to automatically prompt your guests for a rating after their first visit. If they rate 4 or 5 stars, it gets published. If they rate 3 stars or less, we'll deflect it with an internal feedback form.

Publish positive reviews to your online review pages

When a guest rates 4 or 5 stars, their feedback will be automatically pushed to your TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google review pages. You can keep track of all your published positive reviews from your dashboard.

Deflect your negative reviews from going public

A negative review benefits no-one and can often be undeserved, so if a guest leaves a rating of 3 stars or less, we'll deflect it. Instead, the guest can leave internal feedback and you can contact them to solve their problems.

Stay in sync with your venues online reputation

Your online reputation is a testament to the quality of your venue, with key performance indicators such as average review score and rate of new reviews giving you peace of mind on your reputations improvements.

Key features

Reviews dashboard

See which say your reputation is trending with a birds eye view of your reviews.

Email prompt

Automatically ask new guests to leave a rating after they visit your venue.

Customisable trigger

Decide when your guests will sent their rating email.

Feedback form

Stop negative reviews from going public with an internal feedback form.

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