JOESHPY (Joesheepy) is an engineer, programmer and freelance artist from South Wales, UK.

“I was always doodling in the margins of my books in school, naturally I would be told off for it but I kept doing it regardless. Not out of some teenage angst or spite but because I think that when you’re creative, when you make things and bring your imagination to life it gives you a really wonderful and satisfying feeling. There’s nothing quite like it, honestly. I like top think that’s what I do with my work, capture whatever imagination or emotion I have at the time and bring it unto being.”

“Being into technology I was aware of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and after reading the whitepaper for Ravencoin I couldn’t help but think to myself ‘well this seems legitimately useful’ so I looked into it some more and was inspired by the great community and all they do it seemed only natural to start utilising the Ravencoin blockchain”.