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It’s early days at and we’re primarily aiming to be a bit of a plug in storefront or GUI for some of the swap options and emerging marketplaces on RVN. We’re slowly expanding our purchase options for those token sellers where the creators are happy to list on platforms like Etsy and Ebay as well.

On each Asset/Token page you will see a number of options for obtaining the specific Ravencoin token that you have browsed to. These will currently include (but are not limited to):


Swaps are the future of RVN asset trading, and they are working seamlessly at this point, we’re slowly seeing more infrastructure appearing around the central idea, massively improving the buy/sell experience.

The first swap service to emerge was , and in the short time since it’s been around there have been hundreds of swaps already by people trying out the process.

We’ve got a guide to the swap process over at NiftySynth here, it requires upgrading to a new version of the RVN wallet

On any given item page, you will see the swaps section, you just click the blue Hex next to the trade you want, and then copy the hash given into your wallet under the atomic swaps section to complete the trade, like in the image below:


Right now there are 2 marketplaces available for RVN – RVNFT.ART & JustNFTs – we hope to see more added in future!

As we’re using iframes to preview the marketplaces, please note that you should use the “Open in New Tab” link to actually purchase an NFT through this method, as the iframes will not remember the items in your cart, we’ll work with the existing marketplaces in future to streamline this so you can do it all on the same page.


Esty is a fast growing global marketplace, and their policies are friendly to NFTs, they don’t offer single item embed but it will be possible to access the Etsy store for any creator offering one through the Token/NFT listing on each page.

Etsy is particularly good for Crypto creators as it has built in advertising tools that come at low cost, you might see a bit of a higher cost on marketplaces compared to swaps, as the creator will be charged fees and needs to manually process the order.


At this point, ebay’s policies are fairly restrictive on NFT/Token content, and whilst they do allow it – it will generally come at an extra cost to the seller, both in terms of an extensive costly verification process + higher sale fees.

We will continue to offer links to ebay listings on rvnbay, but please be advised that ebay’s policies currently define that you can only buy domestically. i.e US buyer cannot buy EU token. As ebay’s policies change and evolve ours will too in this area.

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