New Project – Cake Club

A brand new Ravencoin NFT project has just released on from creator MorganCrow !

Ravenmint allows you to roll the dice and generate your very own unique NFT from a range of creators, in this case you will receive a slice of cake that works great as a PFP! The mint price is low at 50 RVN – once again making Ravencoin stand out as the most affordable chain for collectibles.

Once your new NFT is generated you can:

  • Keep it on your Ravenmint account for bragging rights
  • Transfer it out to an external wallet
  • Trade or gift it to another Ravenmint user
  • Put it up for sale

Almost 60 minted so far, with a total supply of 2222, be sure to check out this collection on!

In the past we’ve seen some great collections from this artist, including a collaboration with the legendary JCKeen (Creator of the CryptoMonas) – Mona Morgan

Another must have for collectors would be the RGB genesis collection, make sure you check these out too on Ravenist:

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