Raven mfers collection on RavenMint

“Inspired by Sartoshi’s mfers, we bring you the Raven mfers! 2,500 original Raven themed mfers with over 111 different possible traits in 14 different categories! LFG mfers!”

The Raven mfers project is a derivative of the popular mfers collection on Opensea, with a raven/bird based theme, on the date of writing over 100 NFTs in the collection have already been minted. The project is hosted on RavenMint, a custodial NFT service which allows you to mint NFT’s from various collections on demand.

  • The cost to mint on these is just 75 RVN per NFT
  • The sell out price is 187500 RVN
  • The total number that can be minted before the collection closes is 2500
  • The collection currently has a total of 38 holders.
  • Floor price on secondary market is 300 RVN

In terms of perks for collectors, there are regular giveaways via the team and the community. The team also recently announced a minting bonus over 7 day period allowing collectors to get extra mfers when minting:

Like what you see and want to mint your own rvn mfer? You can check out the collection here!

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