SynthMon Pocket 001

SynthMon are now catchable in their first format – the pocket edition

This is SynthMon 002 – Barana, a ground type which attacks passers by from the long grass, used in industry for pest control. It can eat small animals whole.

This NFT contains interactive 2D and 3D aspects, the first SynthMon come in blue devices!

Controls:This is SynthMon 001 – Bolvang, a ghost type lacking the power of speech, but making up for it in strength and willpower.

D-PAD – Change lighting Select – Put Monster back in ball Start – Take Monster out of ball B – Stop rotation A – Start rotation



First you must obtain a Force Catcher, and then the force catcher can be used in a trade for the Bolvang Pocket NFT, you can use the Force Catcher to catch any SynthMon 1-15

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